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Free Henna Patterns Page

You are free to use these free henna patterns for inspiration in your own ephemeral henna body art work as long as you do not claim them as your own and maintain the copyright information on all copies you make of the pattern itself. These images are not to be copied for any other purpose; they are all copyrighted.

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Newest Free Henna Design Pattern Samples:
The henna art of Mauritania, just to the south of Morocco in North Africa, is some of the most intricate, beautiful, and unique in the world. In Mauritania by Heather Caunt-Nulton, a henna design book of 32 pages, you will find 42 unique designs and an 8 page design guide. free mauritanian henna design henne mauritanie north african henna design not moroccan Erin Go Bragh contains 20 pages with 24 Irish and Celtic inspired henna designs, 10 Irish Gaelic words and phrases in a script based on the Book of Kells, and 25 Ogham characters for writing names the ancient Irish way.

The designs are perfect for Irish festivals, Celtic music festivals, St. Patrick's Day, and Pagan festivals.

Some of the motifs you'll find within include: Irish harp, Shamrocks, Triskeles (triple swirl), Four Leaf Clover, Celtic Knotwork Heart, Celtic Knotwork Jewelry, Celtic Crosses, Claddagh Ring, Celtic Knotwork Butterflies, Lucky Horseshoe, Ogham Alphabet, Irish Gaelic Words (peace, love, faith, beautiful, hope, etc)
celtic henna designs irish henna designs ireland celts druids - this is not traditional mehndi
Maori Tribal Designs found in Mehndi Moko by Gina Motutara Wright
Free Tribal Henna Tattoo Designs - Maori Mehndi Moko - Gina Motutara Wright - Roo Praying Mantis - Hei Matau fish hook Maori Tribal Designs found in Mehndi Moko by Gina Motutara Wright moko maori tribal tattoo mehndi henna free design not a facial tattoo hand henna

This modern take on traditional Indian bridal mehndi features a lotus flower on the palms, plus cuffs on the wrist and forearm.

Brides, Blossoms and Bellies by Heather Caunt-Nulton is available here.

indian bridal mehndi lotus flower free pattern

This pregnant belly henna design (most often done at baby showers and blessingways) features a floral mandala. The matching hands feature smaller mandalas and a ring.

Brides, Blossoms and Bellies by Heather Caunt-Nulton is available here.

This pre-natal belly art design features a mini henna garden, with flowers, dragonflies, and bees.

LullaBee : Prenatal Belly Art by Tammi Glanzer-Boudreau is available at ArtisticAdornment.com

An elephant adorned with lotuses is featured in this pregnant belly henna design.

LullaBee : Prenatal Belly Art by Tammi Glanzer-Boudreau is available at ArtisticAdornment.com

This pair of Indian Arabic Fusion bridal henna hand patterns is from Victoria Welch's book Patterns for Beautiful Brides and Glamorous Guests. free indian bridal mehndi design book sample This simple and elegant floral and paisley design by Jamilah Zebarth and many more like it are available in Artistic Adornments Volume 2. free arabic strip guest mehndi party design with flowers and paisley
This type of design is very popular at henna booths at festivals and small private henna parties. The spiral-filled cuff at the wrist beautifully mimics the spiral-filled paisleys on the hand. More designs like this one are available in Artistic Adornments Volume 2. best floral paisley dense indian fill wrist cuff bracelet henna designs The (Persian) Gulf style of Henna is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, beloved for its daintiness and unique placement of motifs. You can view more modern fusion Gulf-inspired designs in Victoria Welch's Glorious Gulf. persian gulf style henna designs with solid fingertips roses feathers dots flowers arabic
The flowers, shading, swirls and leaves in these mehendi designs for the hands are all at the core of Victoria Welch's modern fusion henna style. You will find more of these types of patterns in Very Victoria. intricate floral henna tattoo pattern with paisley swirl indo-arabic indian arabic fusion style free mehendi patterns and designs These henna designs were meant for partying! The 80's feeling fishnet glove is so much fun - it's a popular favorite at our events. The other floral designs here are also very popular - they're quick to do (5-10min) and look really beautiful. Find more like this in Henna Hafla (Hafla = Arabic for PARTY!) madonna lace glove henna design wrist cuff flowers leaves swirls tendrils hand mehndi pattern
These simple henna designs can be done by professional artists in 2-5 minutes each, so they are perfect for situations where time is of the essence because you want as many people as possible to get henna! We love the dainty swirls and easy to draw lotus flowers in this pair of dainty mehndi designs.
More like it can be found in Prety Party Pieces.
lotus flower buds swirls dots dainty simple free henna patterns This was our #1 most popular henna design at festivals this summer!. It's quite quick to do, so it's not expensive (we charged $10 for this design in 2010).
If you need more quick and popular designs for your summer festivals, check out Artistic Adornments Volume 1 - it's full of them!
free sample swirl and flower henna design with dots
This design was created for all the teens who were requesting fun, cute hand designs featuring hearts and stars. More quick, teen-friendly designs for festivals, sweet 16 parties, bat mitzvahs, and the like are available in Artistic Adornments Volume 1. free heart and star henna design by heather caunt-nulton henna by heather    

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Henna Designs from 2009 and earlier:
Wide band wrist and ankle cuff design with lotus flower and Indian fill motifs: cuff ankle wrist band mehandi mehndi henna free hand foot design feet hands heather boston providence artist Simple hand and foot flower designs, per client request. I like the way the vines flow from one foot to another here. hands feet flowers simple beginner
A traditionally inspired design with bold, simple circular shapes for a basis and lots of vines, swirls, and lines as fill: traditional not girly masculine bridal henna design navneet mehndi free pattern mehandi stripes palms meet center design Simple mirrored paisley design, inspired by a couple who wanted matching mehndi. Honestly their matching henna was a bit less girly than this, as it had to be suitable for both the bride and groom. But this pattern is a bit more elaborate than what they decided to both get: vines simple henna pattern free mehndi heather boston providence hartford dots swirls hands palms backs of hands
One of many versions of the ever-popular swirly vines with dots. Great for doing very quick, very full looking henna designs. These simple mehndi patterns are also nice on the leg, arm, wrist, ankle, etc. vines big palm swirl magical triscele pagan wiccan vines free henna pattern free mehndi design heather boston icnha certified artist Hand design henna patterns for an SCA Gypsy at Valentine's Day. These are somewhat in the indo-arabic style, but definitely with my own spin on it. Check out the solid fingertips, per the client's request. The flowers underneath the bold sections help keep the fingers graceful. Heart Valentine's Day Henna for Renaissance Faire Gypsy wood nymph costume
Hand designs featuring Om and Lotus flowers, traditional Indian motifs. These are simple, quick designs created for a local musician who is in love with all things Indian. om lotus palm fingertip henna mehndi pattern vines chakra yoga Native American inspired patterns. The one on the left is a God's Eye. These were created for a model who wanted to honor his roots. native american henna pattern - henna by heather
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A simple, pretty floral hand design. This one was done with my mom in mind; it's definitely her style. henna mehndi flower pattern hand Dainty floral fingertips with dots .... so cute, one of my new favorite things to add to a simple flower centerpiece. finger flower patterns henna by heather mehndi
Paisley hand, looks like a lace glove. Created for a friend who wanted something "traditional" but still a bit lighthearted. Henna Pattern - Paisley - Lace Glove - Indian Inspired Some bolder fingertip designs, including a geometric pattern suitable for male henna clients.

An extremely simple heart design for the palm of the hand, created for the henna beginner:

Henna / Mehndi Free Pattern : Simple Heart Symbols from Greek history, culture, mythology, and Church:
greek keys
hermes winged foot
Greek Orthodox Church crowned eagles
star of Vergina

small greek henna designs corinthian helmet hermes winged foot athena owl athens caduceus greek orthodox church labrys greek key opa vergina star sun


    Greek translations of English words:
(to) your health (hi/cheers)
let's dance
greek henna words love faith hope peace princess dream your health beautiful awesome let's dance translations

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