Dorian James

12.12.07 11:30pm: The website was udated with a bio page, a new image map homepage and several other goodies. The recording project is going along swimmingly, with one new track in the can and four others well on their way to completion. The release is planned for 2008 on Triforium Records.

8.29.07, 5:30pm-10pm: The Dorian James website was created. A Cafe Press store with lots of goodies was opened. A super duper insanely limited edition (2 good tshirts and one "experiment") of red prototype tshirts was created (email if you want one...$15 each for the good ones, $8 for the reject, delivered in person at Bank St Cafe show this Friday only).
The band practiced without Heather while she stayed home and did all of this while procrastinating and doing anything to put off writing up her intro to linguistics syllabus just a little bit longer.
Much remains to be done.
Stay on the lookout for an album to be released in the not-so-distant future.
Oh yes, you read right. There *will* be an album. It's about damned time, no?
Go buy tshirts and poetry journals and other such stuff to add to our studio and CD duplication fund...please.