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Body Art Services Offered by
Henna By Heather
and her Artistic Adornment team

  Henna Tattoos

Our current rate is $150 per hour. .

Consider the following when deciding when to book your henna services:

- 2 hour minimum booking

- reduced full day rate available - an excellent value when you need a lot of henna (ie bridal + guests)

-individual appointments with lower minimums available on Mondays in Boston / Tuesdays in Providence

  Bridal Mehndi (mehandi/mehendi/mendhi)
Specializing in Indian, Arabic, Morrocan, and Gulf styles, plus the ever-popular flowers and swirls... anything is possible!
  Face and Body Painting inting
  Glitter Tattoos
  Hand-painted tattoos (for when you think you might want airbrush tattoos, but would like freehand artistry)

If you'd like to hire an artist for any of the services listed above, please contact Heather by
filling out this form (the best! provides all the info I need to give you a quote) or by calling 617-429-6301.

Available for events in:

Massachusetts: Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Wellesley, Newton, Medford, Worchester, The Berkshires (Lenox, Lee, Adams, etc), Cape Cod (Marion, Mattapoisett, Mashpee, Provincetown, etc) Fall River, New Bedford, Taunton, Attleboro, Westfield, and anywhere else in MA.
Connecticut: Including New London, New Haven, Greenwich, Hartford, Manchester, New Britain, Berlin, Kensington, Avon, Southington, Meriden, Middletown, New Haven, Fairfield County, CT Shoreline, and anywhere else in CT.
Rhode Island: Providence, Newport, Warwick, Barrington, Bristol, Warren, Coventry, Tiverton, Westerly, Cranston, Pawtucket, North Smithfield, Lincoln, Portsmouth, Riverside, East Providence, North Provfidence, Woonsocket, North Kingstown, and anywhere else in RI.

Other places throughout New England, the Northeast, and the world: other places I frequent include Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania...but I will travel anywhere! Especially to teach, provide a large troupe of henna artists for a big event, or do henna for a destination wedding.


click here for info on booking an appointment for a single henna design

Bridal Mehndi

Mehndi / henna for the bride typically takes between 2 and 4 hours, but will vary based on design choice. An additional 5-15 minutes per guest at your mehndi party should be added to determine the total time required (how long you allow per guest will determine how elaborate their henna will be).

I can guarantee my henna's color because I mix my paste myself from scratch using only the absolute finest ingredients, including henna that I import for resale to the most selective of professional henna artists (and anyone else who wants the best of the best!)

Bridal henna should be done 2 days before the wedding for optimal results for your big day; 1 or 3 days ahead of time will also yeild good results.

If you would like multiple artists, they can be provided. This is suggested for large mehndi parties or parties where the bride will get her henna done during the party.


Henna is a great idea for all types of parties, not just weddings! Everyone leaves with a design that is unique to them, but brings them together as a group because everyone's got henna. And your design lasts 1-3 weeks, serving as a frequent reminder of how much fun you all had. Henna is great for birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, bridal showers, baby showers and birthing / blessing ways, Girls Nights Out, etc. Typically a minimum of 2 hours is suggested for groups of 10 or more.

Additional Services Available :

Party Favor Creation:
Favor packages including bindis and Indian candies can be created for $8 each.
A henna kit for each guest can be created for $15 each.
A deluxe package including bindis, candies, and a henna kit can be created for $20 each.

I work with some of New England's premier bellydance performers!
Whether your theme is Indian, Gypsy, Moroccan, Middle Eastern / Arabian Nights, Persian, or Tribal, bellydance makes a great addition to any festivities! Upon request, the dancers may also teach a workshop for your group in addition to (or instead of) performing.
Contact Heather to make these arrangements and get pricing details.

Our licensed and nationally certified massage therapist will bring either a chair (for quicker massages at bigger events) or massage table (for Swedish massage at smaller parties). Our massage therapist uses all natural products - no synthetics, parabens, sulfates, or other harsh chemicals.

Massage options:
---Chair massage (5-15min per person)
---Swedish table massage (1/2 hour per person)

---Hot stone upgrade (to Swedish massage):
---Paraffin hand treatment
---Reiki treatment

Bollywood Movies
Add to your party's ambiance by having Bollywood (that's India's Hollywood!) movies playing in the background.
For just a $25 fee, Heather will bring a selection of great movies for you to choose from.
If you would like to rent a projection screen, contact Heather for pricing details.

Having a DJ spin Indian / Bollywood / Middle Eastern / World music can add tons of ambiance to your party. Not many DJs have a good selection of this type of music, so you'll want to be careful to choose someone who can fulfill your needs!
Heather works at many Indian and Middle Eastern events and knows who is the best of the best for different henna/mehndi party themes and occasions. Whether you want upbeat dance music or chill mood music, traditional favorites or contemporary hits, we will help you set the right mood for your event.
Our DJs specialize in college events, private parties, and corporate events - they are currently not booking weddings.
Contact Heather to make DJ arrangements.

Tarot Reader
Having a tarot reader (fortune teller) is a very popular at Girls' Nights Out! Our reader can tailor readings to your needs, offering 5, 10, or 15 minute readings for each of your guests. She is unique in that she strives to make sure all readings are kept positively party-friendly while still providing useful insights.

Pregnant Belly Henna

Henna is great for pregnant bellies! Make this life-changing experience even more special by having your belly decorated with 100% natural henna. A fun idea for baby showers and blessingways, but also possibile to do on as an individual appointment with just the mother-to-be.

Plan on 20-30 minutes for a very simple design for the mom-to-be, or an hour for a full-belly design. Plan additional time for guests to receive henna.

School functions and Corporate Promotions

Heather is an excellent choice for corporate and other large events, as she can do 50+ designs per hour (1 minute per person) under the right conditions - namely doing a small selection of very simple designs while her own trained assistant answers questions and manages the line. About 12 designs per hour (5 minutes per person) is advisable if you'd like your customers or students to be able to have a more authentic henna experience while still moving through the line quickly. Rates vary depending on event timing and number of guests to be hennaed, whether the assistant will be required, etc. Your guests will be amazed and impressed, and very pleased that you've provided such a cool, unique, and hard-to-come-by activity for them.

Organizers of large events may want to hire a site manager, especially when it would be ideal for each artist hired to be able to do 50+ designs per hour. The rate for a trained and experienced site manager is half the henna artist rate.. See "How long will it take to do each design?" below.

Non-Profit Organizations

Sorry, there are no discounts for non-profit groups - but you can contact Heather to discuss how you can use henna or facepainting as a fun fundraiser for your group. You do the planning, and Heather will do henna, facepainting, or any other body art you'd like, and one of your staff or a volunteer collects a fee for each design Heather does. Hourly rates still apply - your group gets whatever is in excess of the amount collected.

Events: Check out our facebook page to stay updated on upcoming public events!

Heather is available for almost any event you might imagine, and has experience including but not limited to the following:
Weddings - Bridal Showers - Baby Showers - Bachelorette Parties - Birthday Parties - Graduation Parties -After Prom Parties - Bar Mitzvahs - Bat Mitzvahs - Sweet 16 Parties - Quinceaneras (Sweet 15) - Concerts (with crowds as small as 50 to as big as 100,000) - Art and Music Festivals - Street Fairs - Religious Ceremonies and Celebrations (Hindu (Diwali, Holi), Muslim (Eid), Jewish, Pagan (Solstice, Yule, Samhain), Christian, or any others)- College Events (including dorm nights, festivals, carnivals, dances, workshops, lectures)- Library Demonstrations - High School Lectures / Classes / Demonstrations - Holidays - Cotillions - Corporate Events - Corporate Promotions - Retail Store Special Events - Cosmetic / Aesthetician Events - Salon or Spa Appointments - Vacation Resorts (beach, mountain, or otherwise)

Individual Appointments with just a 1/2 hour ($75) minimum are available:

In Providence: Tuesdays 3:30-5:30pm - appointment recommended, walk-ins frequently available

In Boston: Mondays 7-9pm - appointment required

Call 617-429-6301 to arrange your private appointment, or check on the availability of walk-ins.
You are welcomed to share a 1/2 hour appointment with up to 2 other people - with 3 people total, that works out to just $25 each.

How long will the henna take?
ow long will it take to do each henna design?

5 minutes per person is the average we usually recommend to give as many guests as possible the opportunity to get henna while still doing artistically impressive work. This is the equivalent of a wrist-to-finger strip design typical at wedding parties...or, to think of it differently, about 3 small flowers and some simple vines.

10-15 minutes per person is suggested if you would like for everyone to be able to get a nicer, larger, and/or more intricate piece.

1 minute per person is possible if you also hire our professional henna site manager to keep track of the line, answer questions, etc and we do very simple designs (like a flower, peace sign, or other 2x2" design). This option is only recommended when time is really of the essence (due to crowd size, budget restraints, etc). With a volunteer or staff member provided by you, 1 minute per person is possible if they are very efficient.

Having the artists manage the line themselves allows for more guest-artist interaction. Sometimes this is important, and others it isn't. At 2-3 minutes per person, an artist alone with no site manager can provide the same type of work as in 1 minute with the site manager.

20-30 minutes per person is recommended for the close family and bridesmaids at a wedding, and will allow for both hands (fronts *or* backs) to be decorated in traditional style.

2-4 hours is the average range for most bridal mehndi. Very, very simple wedding mehndi can be done in one hour, and intricate work to the elbows and knees takes 8-10 hours (typically we will do 2 artists for 4-5 hours in this situation)..

A pregnant belly henna design takes 1 hour for an average full belly design. A deluxe full belly design could take 2 hours. The vast majority of moms-to-be opt for 1 hour.

All of these time estimates depend on site conditions. The more the artist is able to sit relatively undisturbed and work efficiently, the more henna that can be done. For large events with 100+ guests, please consider hiring a site manager to maximize efficiency.

Heather typically works 2-3 times as fast as other henna artists while still providing some of the highest quality henna work available in the US. She has considered calling up the Guinness folks and giving the "world record holder" group in the UK a run for their money! Hiring a fast henna artist means getting much more art for your money.

Past and repeat clients and venues:
for the most current information on upcoming events, please visit our facebook page.

Destination Weddings

Heather is a seasoned traveler happy to travel for destination weddings, corporate functions, sporting events, and other occasions.
The destination wedding mehndi / henna rate of $1000 per day plus travel expenses is all-inclusive (bride, bridal party, and guests all get unlimited mehndi up to 8 hours per day).

Also.... you can have our destination wedding rate even for a local or regional wedding - $1,000 per day plus travel expenses gets you one full-time, all-day henna artist. This rate also gets you exclusivity, guaranteeing that yours will be the only wedding Heather does that day!


We have done henna in the following locations:

United States:
Florida (Orlando), California (San Francisco), Illinois (Chicago), Ohio (Kent), Pennsylvania (Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Dallas)... and of course all of the regional New England spots so popular for destination weddings: Newport RI, Martha's Vineyard MA, Durham NH, White River Junction VT, Burlington VT, White Mountains NH, and more


Puerto Vallarta

Toronto, Niagra Falls

Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela), Italy (Venice, Rome, Florence), Greece (Corfu), France (Cannes, The French Riviera), Croatia (Dubrovnik), Italy (Venice, Rome, Florence), Ireland (Dublin)

Contact Heather to book your bridal henna or mehndi party for your destination wedding today!

Additional Services Available:

Face Painting
I also offer face and body painting services for almost any event, using theatre-quality facepaints in a rainbow of colors. This goes over great with the kids! It's also a nice alternative for adults who don't want the 1-3 week commitment of henna. The paint lasts through the day, but easily washes off before you go to bed.

Temporary Tattoos
Almost any design that can be done in henna can be done as a hand-painted temporary tattoo as well. I use the industry standard temporary tattoo paint used in movies and on stage. All temporary tattoos are painted on freehand. Painting designs on freehand means quicker work (no cleaning stencils between each party-goer) and customizable designs. The paints I use are comparable to those used by airbrush tattoo technicians, and last the same 3-7 days.

Gilding and Glitter (aka Zardosi Mehndi)

Glitter tatoos are all the rage! I've found a method of applying glitter designs to skins so that they will last up to a week. A rainbow of colors (and then some!) are available. This is great for girls' birthday parties for those who don't want the 1-3 week commitment of henna or would prefer something with razzle dazzle. These look truly fabulous!

I also have a rainbow of Artistic Gilding paste available - a favorite among brides who would like their henna design to match their outfit. The colors availble include gold, silver, white, red, pink, orange, purple, royal blue, and green.
Gilding paste and glitter can be applied over drying henna paste, over the final henna design the following day, or all by itself. I can apply gilding, glitter and rhinestones in addition to or independent of any mehndi design.

Other Services
All of the services listed below are somehow related to my unique skillset required to do and market henna body art. People familiar with my work have asked me to do all sorts of related stuff for them. Here are some of their ideas - maybe I can help you, too!

Tattoo Design for permanent tattoos
(especially mehndi / henna styled tattoo designs)
$150 for a simple design 5x5" or smaller for personal use - with 1 round of revisions
additional work is $150/hour
Drum Head Henna Designs (very popular among musicians - an excellent gift idea!)
Wedding / Birthday Cake Decorating
Calligraphy (invitation addressing, certificates, etc)
Image Editing and Watermarking
Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - help your website move up in Google and other search engine rankings! ....how easily you found my website is evidence of how good I am at this :)

Website Design

Party / Event Planning (including DJs, live entertainment, decorations, etc)
Copy writing and editing
Henna Art Consultant (for scientific/historical accuracy of the portrayal of henna, etc)
Sign Painting



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If Heather has already done some henna for you and you were pleased, would you be kind enough to fill out leave a review so that she has a record of your lovely comments to use a testimonial later on?