Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Henna Designs for Dances of Vice neo-Victorian / steampunk music festival

If you came here searching for steampunk henna tattoo designs, please note that there is now a book of steampunk mehndi designs available by Victoria Welch:

Steampunk Henna Designs by Victoria Welch

Feel free to continue on to the original blog post, featuring the designs I drew up for the very first ever Dances of Vice steampunk themed music festival, where Colleen and I did some really fun henna, including this piece (she did the compass rose, I did the floral arm):

Steampunk Henna Photo at Dances of Vice - New York City (Manhattan)

Here are some designs I drew up for Dances of Vice... the scanning resolution is way low and they don't look as good as they will in the final polished versions....but for now, here they are:

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